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St James’ Church, West End, Southampton SO30 3AT.  Registered Charity Number 1132863

Wedding fees for 2018

Basic Wedding Fee   £754

This is the minimum cost for a wedding at St. James’, made up of the legal fees, fees for services, and contributions towards having St James’ as your wedding venue.

* If either of you live outside of West End Parish, you will also need to arrange for your Banns to be read in the parish church in which you live. The fee for this is £43 payable to your local church.

Optional Extra Wedding costs

On top of the Basic Wedding fee, there are a couple of optional extra costs you may choose to have:

There is no license fee required for a photographer but you will need to provide your own.

There is no church choir available to sing but you are welcome to book an outside choir.

Blessing of a Marriage

Please contact us to discuss fees for the Blessing of a Marriage at or 07934 419302

Methods of Payment

We ask that you let us know which optional extra costs you have chosen for your wedding by no later than two months before your wedding date.

You are welcome to pay by cash, cheque or online banking. Payments can also be made in instalments.

Please could the outstanding balance be paid in full no later than one month before your wedding date. Thank you.

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