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St James’ Church, West End, Southampton SO30 3LA.  Registered Charity Number 1132863

Baptism / Christening

Baptisms / Christenings at St. James’

A Baptism, also known as a Christening, is a special service marking the start of the Christian journey.  When parents bring babies or children to be baptised, they thank God for the gift of life and make a decision to start their child on a journey of faith.  Godparents also promise their help and support.  We also welcome those who are baptised into the wider church family.

Can my child be baptised at St. James’?

To have a Baptism at St. James’ you would normally need to live in the parish or be a regular part of our worshipping family.  We welcome enquiries to establish whether a Baptism is possible at St. James’.  If you live outside of West End, Harefield or Chartwell Green we can provide contact details for your ‘home’ church.

(Our contact details are here).

Baptism Procedure and Preparation

If your Baptism can go ahead at St. James’, we encourage parents (where possible with children) to commit to attending a minimum of 3 Sunday morning services up until the date of the Baptism.  This is the best way for you to get to know St. James’ and discover what support is available for you and your child/ren both now and in the future.  Other children and Godparents are very welcome to come too.

We invite you to attend our weekly 11am ‘Church Alive’ service, a more informal service for all ages, popular with families and young children.  

You are also welcome to attend our more traditional 9.30am Parish Eucharist which includes ‘Pathfinders’, a junior church for children aged 4 and above.  

During your first attendance at church we will give you an Application Form together with the next available dates.  We will only confirm the date of the Baptism once we have received your completed application form plus £13 administration fee.  You can then send out your invitations to family and friends.

When do Baptisms take place at St. James’?

Baptism dates are set in our calendar in advance.  They usually take place on second Sundays each month at 12.30pm.  St. James’ is very popular for Baptisms so it is normal for there to be up to three or four different families booked to share the same service.  This arrangement is well tested and each child will have their own special moment at the font.

How many guests can I invite?

We can only guarantee seating for 60 persons per family but enquiries can be made to see if this number can be increased.

Essential Pre-Baptism Evening

Shortly before the Baptism we will invite you and the Godparents to attend a short Baptism preparation session during which we help you explore your roles, consider the promises you will make and explain what will happen at the actual service. These sessions are usually held in church on Thursdays from 6-7pm. Children are welcome to come too.

It is essential you attend this and we recommend any children over 2 years old who are to be baptised come along too so they can learn what to expect on the day.

After your Baptism/Christening

We invite you to come to another service to receive your Baptism candle. The candle is a symbol of the light of God’s love shown in Jesus and is given as a promise for your child as he/she grows up. It is also our special way of welcoming you and your child/ren into the wider church family.

We hope after the Baptism you will feel more at home at St. James’ and feel encouraged to join us more regularly at any of our various services and activities in future.

“We welcome you into the Lord’s family;

We are children of the same heavenly Father

We welcome you.”                            
                                                  From the Common Worship Baptism Service

Enquiries for Baptisms/Christenings

Revd Thomas Wharton 023 8047 2180 / 07796 104800

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